It is that time of year again, where the biggest and best state fair in the country is open for business! If you haven’t visited the State Fair of Texas yet then I highly recommend you come over to Dallas to check it out for yourself. It is a ton of fun for all ages whether you want to watch some shows, eat some crazy fried foods, or play some games and ride some carnival rides!

Last year I did a senior session at the state fair with Destiny which was a huge hit online and so I had to try this again this year! I teamed up with my favorite makeup artist in Dallas which is Tisha from TCMAKEUP Studio and asked her if she wanted to join me for another fun concept shoot at the fair, and of course she was on board! Next it was time to find a senior who would want to do a fun fair session, but this year I wanted to do something different and wanted to make sure I wasn’t copying exactly what I did last year. So I decided I thought it would be fun to do a sister themed shoot at the fair.

This is where the wonderful sisters Julia and Maddie McKnight come into the picture. Both of these awesome sisters attend Sunnyvale High School in Sunnyvale, TX. Julia is a 2015 senior and also one of my JRey Senior Spokesmodels this year and she has a sister named Maddie who is a Sophomore at Sunnyvale High School. I thought the both of them together at the fair would make for the cutest session and they were both down for anything!
The most enjoyable and important part of planning for a session at the fair is figuring out which outfits will look great. The fair is filled with tons of fun and bright colors and I wanted to make sure both Julia and Maddie would have outfits to compliment the atmosphere. I asked them to pull out all their outfits that had bright spring/pastel colors and we would start putting some outfits together. The colors that we ended up choosing in both of their outfits worked PERFECTLY at the fair and we found some amazing spots that complimented their outfits.

The final thing I did for this session to change it up from last year was to use my new camera! I literally had just bought this camera a few hours before our session and only had that amount of time to learn how to use it! Which camera did I end up buying you may be asking? Well I jumped on the mirrorless camera wagon and got my hands on the Fuji XT-1. This small camera is a beast and produced amazing results. I brought my Canon 5D Mark 3 with me to the fair in case I needed it, but ended up shooting with my Fuji XT-1 the entire session. I loved it that much! I felt super comfortable using it and it was super easy to learn how to use right off the bat. The first lens I bought for this particular camera was the 35mm lens which is a 50mm equivalent. If you haven’t seen this camera yet I highly recommend you check it out.

Here are my favorite shots from my 2014-2015 session at the State Fair of Texas!