I have been blessed with an AMAZING group of Spokesmodels for the 2015 school year. Many of these girls did not know each other before hand and to see them come together as a supportive team and kick butt on this shoot was encouraging to see. They got along great and were so flexible on this day despite the crazy weather that came our way. I could not have pulled together this shoot without a great team of people: Tisha, Shelby, and Anastasia from TCMAKEUP Studio did all the hair and makeup for these girls. Meagan Bechtel from MegB Design kicked butt on all the styling. Victor Rosas from Single Rose Films documented our day through video. Cade and Sage provided much needed assistance for me throughout the day and did whatever I needed them to do! Cade and Sage’s parents provided the awesome camper that we got to use for our camping theme. My dad and stepmom provided their home for us too all meet at and get everything planned out. MetroMorphos and Hallie B Rockwall provided outfits for two of our themes. I mean seriously, could I have had any more people involved in this shoot?! I am so happy with how it turned out and proud of everyone involved. Here are only some of my favorite images from the day. To check out the full shoot visit our app website: http://app.jrey.co/2015jreyseniorspokesmodels/